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The UCSF Positive Health Program (PHP) at San Francisco General Hospital was founded in 1983 by three visionaries in AIDS treatment and research: oncologists Paul Volberding, MD and Donald Abrams MD, and the late Dr. Constance Wofsy, an infectious disease specialist. It immediately became the center of care and treatment for the San Francisco AIDS epidemic throughout the 1980s.

1981: First cases of HIV were seen and documented at the San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH)

1981: First-ever AIDS research grant awarded. The American Cancer Society enables UCSF/SFGH researchers to study outbreaks of Kaposi Sarcoma (KS), an AIDS-related skin cancer

1983: Ward 86 AIDS Clinic opens January 1. First dedicated HIV/AIDS outpatientclinic in the world opened at SFGH by Paul Volberding, MD Donald Abrams, MD and Constance Wofsy, MD

1983: Ward 5B, SFGH AIDS Unit opens July. First dedicated inpatient AIDS unit in the US

1986: The inpatient unit expands to accommodate the growing San Francisco epidemic

1987: AZT approved by the Federal Drug Administration. UCSF/SFGH researchers lead clinical trials of first medication approved for the treatment of HIV

1990-1995: AIDS deaths in San Francisco peak at 2,400 per year. SFGH witnesses 10,000th AIDS death in 1993

1996: Wide use of combination anti-retroviral therapy in the US changes HIV from fatal to chronic disease

2002: UCSF/SFGH leaders helps design WHO guidelines to deploy antiretroviral therapy around the world

2010: UCSF/SFGH-based leaders establish first policy to treat all persons with HIV, regardless of CD4 count