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Women's Clinic

At the HIV/AIDS Clinic, we recognize the special medical and social needs of women and families in our community who are infected with and affected by HIV. We offer programs and services designed exclusively for women, including dedicated clinic hours for our female and transgender patients.

Be All You Can Be

Women's Clinic

PHP clinicians hold weekly clinic hours dedicated exclusively for our female patients to come and receive care. Every Thursday morning is designated as Women’s Clinic, with primary care, gynecologic care, community case management and mental health and substance abuse services available. If you would prefer to schedule your medical appointments during these hours, please contact the front desk at (415) 206-2400 for further information.

Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center (BAPAC)

If you are pregnant, considering becoming pregnant or just generally concerned about HIV and your reproductive health, you may be interested in the services of the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center or BAPAC. BAPAC provides comprehensive preconception counseling, prenatal care and perinatal care for women and their families. Click here to learn more about BAPAC.

Family Service Network

The Family Service Network (FSN) is a network of community based organizations throughout San Francisco. FSN provides comprehensive, coordinated, family-centered care to HIV-infected women of color, children and youth and their affected families. Contact Stephanie Leroux for more information at (415) 476-4082 ext.121.