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Nursing, Pharmacy and Medical Assistant Education

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic in San Francisco, UCSF nurses and nurse practitioners have been leaders in the care and management of persons living with HIV and AIDS.

Through a collaboration with the UCSF School of Nursing and supported by a federal training grant in association with the Positive Health Practice, students in the Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Program can gain clinical experience in HIV primary and specialty care at Ward 86, the HIV Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital. For more details on the HIV training programs for nurse practitioner students, please contact Suzan Stringari-Murray NP at suzan.stringari-murray@nursing.ucsf.edu. For more details on the UCSF HIV CNS Program at Ward 86, please contact Carol Dawson RN PhD at Carol.dawson-rose@nursing.ucsf.edu. Additional information about UCSF’s prestigious International Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Clinical Training in Nursing can be found on the School of Nursing website.

Students in the registered nurse (RN) program at the University of San Francisco as well as students in various medical assistant programs from around the Bay Area receive valuable experience through on-site and hands-on training programs on Ward 86. For more details on the RN training program, as well as the phlebotomy and medical assistant training programs at Ward 86, please contact Roland Zepf MS, RN, ACRN at rzepf@php.ucsf.edu.

Clinical pharmacy services within the HIV/AIDS Division are directed by Ian McNicholl PharmD, Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy at UCSF. Clinical pharmacists provide extensive counseling to HIV-infected patients in the Positive Health Practice on medication adherence, smoking cessation, drug-drug interactions and use of concomitant medications. The Positive Health Practice also offers an intensive opportunity for postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) pharmacy residents and 4th year pharmacy students to actively participate and undergo training in the comprehensive health care of HIV-positive patients on Ward 86. In addition, Clinical Pharmacy is responsible for updating the HIV InSite ARV Drug Interactions database, providing drug consults, participating in HIV and aging polypharmacy research, and providing continuing medical education from SFGH HIV/AIDS Grand Rounds to presentations at major national Infectious Diseases meetings. For more details on pharmacy education at the Positive Health Practice, please contact Dr. McNicholl at imcnicholl@php.ucsf.edu.