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SFGH Implementation Sciences Working Group

Despite the tremendous success of biomedical research in the last twenty years, systems, structural, and operational barriers prevent delivery of optimal care to millions of people living with HIV/AIDS. Implementation science is critical to addressing the gap between biomedical research and improved care. The way forward, however, is challenging. Because implementation science does not belong to any single health sciences area, the practitioners are scattered and often unlinked even within an institution. Furthermore, methodologies for measurement in real word settings and to establish causality in real-world settings are currently the topics of heated debate. At San Francisco General Hospital, Division of HIV/AIDS, we have created a working group to strengthen local efforts to promote interdisciplinary communication and to bring the perspectives of implementation science to bear on the global response to HIV/AIDS.

Specifically, we seek to:

  1. Strengthen dialogue and alignment of presently scattered intra-institutional efforts to build an implementation and dissemination sciences research agenda by reaching across divisional and departmental boundaries.
  2. Identify gaps in global HIV/AIDS care through systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
  3. Advance the methodological approaches to obtaining causal and actionable inferences from studies conducted in real-world health care delivery settings.
  4. Conduct the next generation of studies to close the gap between evidence and improved health outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS.